L.C.T. is an Italian company specialized in high quality fabrics.

We are tending towards products' customerization in specific technical sportswear like ski, motor-cycle, free time, fashion.

Our products are special fabrics for technological sportswear by use of natural, artificial and synthetic fibres, carrying out research and development work into innovative materials and processes.

Our fabrics are entirely weaved and finished in Italy, starting from yarns and respecting all European regulations (REACH).

Our objective has always been and in fact is an unrivalled high quality woven product, exclusively designed and manufactured for L.C.T.'s clients: - High elasticity and waterproofness: a lightweight stretch fabric with the strength of CORDURA® and exceptional moisture permeability, suitable for all winter sports.

- High resistance with KEVLAR®: a lightweight and indestructible fabric, consisting in an inner core made of an aramidic yarn thread and wrapped up by two highly resistant CORDURA® yarns, it is an innovative product based on the most advanced technologies in spinning and weaving. Accomplished to provide a highly resistant fabric, working on the “double rip system”.

-High natural performance: new cotton and denim fabrics with the comfort of cotton and the strength of high tenacity yarns like CORDURA® and KEVLAR®

-High design with cotton and inox : innovative textile items obtained through design, testing and development of high-tech materials. Woven fabrics are mixed with inox yarn according to the most innovative and exclusive techniques in manufacturing

-High performance with lightness: through special finishings, fashion and lightweight fabrics reach new performances for outerwear

KEVLAR® is a trademark of DU PONT DE NEMOURS.
CORDURA® is a trademark of INVISTA.


LCT srl

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